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Disappeared, but Finished

Written: November 8th, 2007, 9:35 (UTC) By: omer 0 comments

So, one of my bad habits is to disappear from online communities without warning, and that is exactly what I did, both for posting here, and taking part in the OOo Mac Porting IRC channel. Since disappearing, several things of note have happened. First and most important, the child workspace macaddressbook01 was integrated into SRC680m229 and is currently set for release in 2.4. So, my Summer of Code project is officially complete. Second, and partly the cause of my disappearance, I have sold my MacBook, so I am no longer able to work on the Mac porting team (given that I can no longer compile the code). In case anyone from that team is still subscribed to the feed for this blog, or happens to read it for some other reason, I'm sorry for having disappeared so suddenly, and it was a wonderful experience working on OOo with all of you for the little while that I did. Thank you for the opportunity and for all of the help!


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