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First Successes with the Thunderbird Address Book

Written: June 11th, 2007, 2:34 (UTC) By: omer 0 comments

So, after all of my digging, I've finally managed to get a few meager results out of the Mozilla Address Book (or, more specifically, out of Mozilla's Thunderbird Address Book) inside of The process described in my previous post on the subject let me to change the mozab lines in the "pre" files (see that post for details) and remove the "!defined(MACOSX) &&" in each block. Unfortunately, this solution only led me slightly forward: selecting Thunderbird or Mozilla gave me the error that "No Thunderbird Addressbook Directories Exist" -- see it here. After some more digging, I discovered that OOo was looking for the wrong profile for Thunderbird (looking for a directory called either ".mozilla" or ".thunderbird" in "~/Library/Application Support/" while the correct folder is called "Thunderbird" and is in "~/Library/" -- with this fix and another few tests, I finally have something worthwhile to show you. Here you go! A (somewhat) successful integration of the Thunderbird Address Book into OOo:

The original Thunderbird Address Book:

The Steps to add it to

And, the result (after view->data sources) :

There are still quite a few bugs to figure out. ( has been freezing a lot more lately, and I'm not sure if it's my new code or not... And, I still get the "No Thunderbird Addressbook Directories Exist" error when I open OOo outside of the debugger...) I'll investigate these more in the future and hopefully soon get started working on the OS X Address Book integration itself. But, this is definitely a happy step in the right direction!


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