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First Stab at Integration

Written: June 18th, 2007, 23:59 (UTC) By: omer 0 comments

I have two major updates for you today. The first is a rather modified version of my test Mac OS X Address Book program. It is called ABColumns because it prints out information about all people in tab-delimited columns. Two notes: first, although this version is specifically designed for people, an earlier version of the program could also easily handle groups, until it became apparent that a "group" in the Mac OS X Address Book is really just a holder of people (which makes sense, given the name) and has all but no other properties to it. So, although it would be pretty nifty to be able to choose a particular group as your data source or to switch to a particular group in, it isn't very high priority. Second: this version, in addition to printing columns, can also handle UTF8, rather than simple ASCII. Although I don't know of a way to write UTF8 to a file so that it can be imported into (or Excel, or any other program, for that matter), this version of the program, because it is tab-delimited, can be imported into either Excel or I've tested Excel, but have not yet test, in order to move to the second, more exciting update.

The second update is that I have begun the process of actually integrating the Mac OS X Address Book into Based on the suggestions of some people at the dev@dba mailing list, I am basing it heavily on the structure of the KDE Address Book code. And, I am including four files from the ABColumns program (everything starting with MacabRecord), though I changed them to handle OUStrings instead of STL strings. Over the past few days, I managed to get the code to compile and now have the following two screenshots. The second, though an error, is exciting because it is an error that comes from my code, which means that my code is being run:

Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Oregon, where I will (finally) once more have a decent Internet connection and be able to lurk on IRC again (my apologies for having disappeared recently), and that's where I'll be for most of the remainder of the summer.

File: abcolumns.tar


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